Wajibat of Salah

Wajibat of Salah
Wajibat of Salah

Salah is a kind of prayer for Muslim. Every Muslim performs Salah 5 time in a day. Salah has certain method. You can’t Pray Salah without knowing about it. There are many rules. Some of them are  “Farj of Salah” that is mendatory. Some of them  are “wajibat of Salah” That is also mandatory but unintentional mistake corrigible by Sijdah sahu. Narrated below wajibat of Salah

Ther are 14 wajibat of Salah.

  1. Reciting Sur-e-Fatihah fully, every Rakat of every Salah except the last two Rakat of Fard Salah.
  2. Joining a Sura or three Ayah or one such Quranic Ayah that is equivalent to three small Ayahs with Surah Fatihah in every Rak’at of every Salah except the last two Rak’at of Fard Salah.
  3. Reciting Sura Al-Fatihah before other Sura. At first reading Surah Fatihah then adding other parts of Quran.
  4. selecting first 2 Rakat of the fard for Qirat.
  5. Performing all rukon steadily and utterly.
  6. The first sitting (sitting after two Rakat).
  7. Reciting complete Tashahhud in both Qa’dah (first sitting and last sitting) . If even one part is missed, Wajib will be missed and Sajda-e-Sahw will be Wajib.
  8. Maintaining continuation of all Rakat fard and wajibat.
  9. Performing all Fard and Wajibat timely, properly and in proper. place ( like at first ruku then two Sijdah one after another).
  10. Reading any duah (duah-e kunud) after third rakat of witr Sala.
  11. Extra Six Takbir of 2 Eid Salah.
  12. Saying Takbir during the second rakat’s ruku in 2 Eid’s Salah (Eidul Fitr and Eidul azha).
  13. For the Emam ( leader of Salah) to read Qirat without sound in Dhuhr and Asr and to read Qirah with sound in Fajr, Maghrib, Isha, Jummah and two Eids ( Eidul Fitr and Eidul azha)
  14. Ending by Salam ( Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah).

If any of the above thing is missed unintentionally, corrigible by Sijdah sahu. If the mistake occurs Intentionally, The Salah will be cenceled. You have to replay full salah again.



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