Time Of Lailatul Qadar and What should we do

Shabba Qadar (Arabic: لیلة القدر) Lailatul Qadar in Arabic. It means very glorious and sacred night or holy night. ‘Lilatun’ in Arabic means nights and ‘qadar’ means respect, dignity. Apart from this, the other meaning is determination of fate. According to Islam religion, Muslim’s dignity is increased at this night and the fate of mankind was redefined. So this night is known to Muslims as very pious and dignified.

The significance of Lailatul Qadr has been established by the holy Qur’an and Sahih Hadith. There are doubts among the hadith experts and the fakihads about ‘Lailatul barat’. But there are no doubts for Laylat al-Qadr. The Holy Quran, the authentic hadith, greatly enhanced the importance of Laylat al-Qadr. Regarding the importance of this respected night, Allah Almighty said in the holy Qur’an, “I have revealed this Qur’an on the night of Qadr. Do you know what the night of the night? Kadar’s night is better and better than a thousand months’ (Sura al-Qadr: 1-3).

The importance of Qadr night to Muslims is immense. It is mentioned in the Qur’an that it is better to worship a thousand months, worship one night at Lailatul Qadar. On the night of Lailat al-Qadr, Allah’s grace and favor are blessed on the righteous and righteous Muslims. Lailat al-Qadr Muslims get the chance of salvation and forgiveness from Allah. About the Laylat al-Qadr, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, that the person who spent the night with worshiping, Allah will forgive all previous sins. (Sahih Bukhari)

Time of Lailatul Qadar

Shabbat Qadr night is not scheduled. However according to the hadith, after 20 Ramadan, any odd night may be Lailatul Qadar. However, according to the opinion of the scholars, 26 Ramadan comes late night on the night of Laylatul Qadr. In the hadith narrated from Ayesha, Muhammad used to do I’tikaf (to stay in mosque) during the last 10 days of Ramadan and said, “You should look for Lailatul Qadr on the last 10 nights of Ramadan.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

In another Hadith, Muhammad said that on the odd nights of the last decade of Ramadan, you find Shabba Qadr. (Sahih Bukhari)

What should to do at this night

(1) Reading The holy Quran:

In this night, the Holy Qur’an has been revealed. That is why this night’s so much dignity and excellence. Therefore, we should read the holy quran at this night. As much as possible, recite Qur’anul karim with great affection. Allah give 10 sawab (reward) for recitation of a harf from holy quran normally. But you will get 10* 70 * 30,000 = 210,00,000 reward at lailatul qadar for a harf.

(2) Nufal prayers:

You can read as much as possible from at least eight rakats. There is not a specific method to perform salah at this night rather perform the salah in regular method.  Therefore, any Sura you know with Surat Fatehah will continue to match. In some books in the market, 33 times Surah al-Qadr, 33 times Ikhelas etc. mentioning the uncomfortable complexity has been created. Hazrat Ashraf Ali Thanbi: Maulana Yusuf Islahi: And this kind of other scholar do not feel it necessary. Besides this, you can pray Salatul Hajat, Salatul Tasbih.

(3) Donation:

Donate poor people and orphans at night. On this night donation charity is very important. You can give your little donation a lot of goals. That can be the reason for your salvation and forgiveness. You can feed orphans and poor people. You can donate donations for your deceased parents, so that their soul will be rested.

(4) Zikir and Dua:

We should read dua that narrated in quran and Sunnah like  Istgefar (forgiveness) and darood are very dear to Allah. Read at least 100 times istegfar and 100 times darud . Hazrat Aisha said: I said to Messenger of Allah, ‘O Allah’s Messenger (s), if in any way I knew that the night is lailatul qadr, then what should I pray? The prophet (s) said, this will be prayed – Allahummah innaka Afuwon Karimun Tuhibbul Afwa Fha’fu Anani. That means, ‘O Allah! You are very pardoning and very gracious. You like to forgive. Therefore, forgive us our sins.


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