Ramadan Mubarak

The Ramadan Mubarak is by far one of the most important pieces of the Islamic religion. It’s the ninth of the Islamic calendar, and it’s widely known as a month of commemorating the Quran revelation to Muhammad. It’s also a month of fasting due to that, and many consider it to be one of the five major pillars of the Islamic religion!

Why do the Muslims fast during Ramadan Mubarak?

A lot of people are asking this question because everyone is unsure why fasting is required during the Ramadan Mubarak. The reason is simple;fasting is necessary as it helps bring the faithful as close to God as possible. It allows the faithful to see the suffering of those people that aren’t as fortunate. During this time, Muslims tend to donate money, feed the hungry, and they perform a wide array of similar tasks.

At its core, fasting during Ramadan Mubarak is a sense of purification. It also manages to test the idea of self-restraint. It might seem hard to do at first, but it does bring in front a huge array of options right from the start.

Fasting during Ramadan Mubarak allows the faithful to detox his body and it also brings in front a great way to stay away from day to day, worldly pleasures encountered on a daily basis.

Even the way Muslims dress during the Ramadan Mubarak is different. They tend to be more conservative with the way they dress, and you can see that right from the start. Also, this is a time of fervent prayers. That’s why Muslims tend to spend more time at the mosque during Ramadan Mubarak when compared to other periods of the year.

Fasting during the Ramadan Mubarak period is intense. The idea is that the faithful has to refrain from eating or drinking starting with dawn and ending with the dusk. The rules are so strict that even a single cigar or a sip of water can be more than enough to invalidate the entire process. As you can imagine, fasting during the Ramadan Mubarak does require a bit of preparation, which is why Muslims tend to eat the suhoor, a combination of power foods designed to help them last for the entire day.

Once the sunset prayer for the Ramadan Mubarak ends, Muslims have the ability to share a large feast named the iftar. This is both a great gastronomic event, but it also brings in front a sense of wellbeing and it even allows the faithful to socialize with one another.

There are situations when Muslims can refrain from fasting during Ramadan Mubarak. In fact, there are exceptions in place for the sick, elderly or women that are menstruating/which are pregnant. Travelers can also take a break from fasting; they are allowed to do that.

As you can see, the Ramadan Mubarak does come with a distinct set of rules. It’s mostly targeted around fasting, and it does show how important this process is at all times. It’s safe to say that fasting during the Ramadan Mubarak is crucial as it enables you to showcase your belief. Not only that, but it offers an excellent way to purify your body once and for all!

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