Namaz Rakat

Matured Muslims are pray Namaz (salah) Certain 5 time in a day. Certain 5 time Namaz is mandatory for every adult man and women. A Muslim can pray more namaz that is called sunnah or nafl, out of five time. Now know about Namaz Rakat.

What is namaz Rakat?

Rakat is a Arabic word. It has a special meaning. Rakat refers one special part of Namaz. It starts from qiam to sijdah. One Rakat involve qiam (standing), two ruku and two sijdah. There are no namaz without at least two rakat.

Type of Rakat

  • Farj: It is obligatory.
  • Wajib: It is also mandatory like salatul witr 3 Rakat.
  • Sunnah muakkadah: It is important for Muslim. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) used to regularly this. It is evil leaving this continuously.
  • Sunnah jayedah: doing this is good. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) used to regularly this but some time. You can leave this.
  • Nafl: It is Extra Namaz.

How many Ratak in Namaz?

Number of namaz rakat are deferent one to another. Usually, Namaz includes two, three or four rakat.

Fajr Rakat:

  1. First two Rakats are Sunnah muakkadah .
  2. Then two Rakats are farj.

Tota 4 Rakats.


Duhr Rakat :

  • First four Rakat are Sunnah muakkadah.
  • Then four Rakat are farj (mandatory).
  • Then two Rakat are Sunnah Muakkadah.
  • And then two Rakat are nafl (Extra).

Total 12 Rakats.

Asr Rakat :

  • First four Rakats are Sunnah jayedah (optional).
  • Then fore Rakats are farj.

Total 8 Rakat.

Maghrib Rakat :

  • First three Rakats are farj.
  • Then two Rakats are Sunnah Muakkadah.
  • Then two Rakats are nafl (Extra).

Tolat 7 Rakats.

Isha Rakat :

  • First four Rakats are Sunnah jayedah (optional).
  • Then four Rakats are Fard.
  • Then two Rakats are Sunnah muakkadah.
  • Next two Rakats are nafl (Extra) .
  • Then tree Rakats are Wajib ( mandatory)
  • Then two Rakats are nafl (Extra)

Total 17 Rakats 

Juma Rakat :

  • Farst Four Rakats Sunnah Muakkadah
  • Then two Rakats farj
  • Then Four Rakats Sunnah muakkada.
  • The Two Rakats nafl.

Total 12 Rakats.



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