Muslim prayer times

Muslim people are performing prayers five times a day. They also have a Friday prayer as well. Based on the Muslim belief, these prayer times are named the salah times. These salah times were shared by Allah to Muhammad. They come at special hours during the day. Only a few things influence the prayer times, which usually are the geography and the Sun condition.

It’s important to note that the prayer times are standard for all Muslims in the world. However, there will be some changes at times. Most of these changes are generated by the factors listed above.

Five daily prayers times

There are five daily prayers in total, all of which need to be performed at specific prayer times depending on the area. You can find out the prayer time based on Sun position on the sky. This is why the salah times will indeed vary based on the location where you live. The five daily prayers are also known as fard.

  • Fajr is the first prayer time, and it usually takes place before down. In translation, you can understand Fajr as being a real dawn or morning twilight prayer. This one is created to help you embrace your day, and it will be the central prayer of the morning.
  • Dhuhr is the midday prayer and it will start after the sun will pass its zenith. Dhuhr will last for around 20 minutes. Usually, you have to say thissalah between the 2 hours after the Mosque announced the Azan time.
  • Asar is the afternoon prayer. You can identify the prayer times for Asar simply by figuring out when the shadow of an objectis double its length. There are two times to note here. First, you have the time when the sun starts to turn orange. Then you have the necessity time, which is when the sun is already orange and ready for sunset.
  • Maghrib is the eveningprayer and it begins immediately after the sun sets. It will last until the red light of the sun left the sky. It’s one of the last prayers of the day, and it’s very important.
  • Isha’a is the night prayer. It will start right when the red light can’t be seeninthe skyand it will continue until you see the white light coming from the east. Usually, the best time for Ish’a is before midnight.

Friday prayer time

Aside from these fiveimportantprayer times, you also have the Friday prayer. It will replace the dhuhr prayer you do on the other days of each week. It’s important that the Friday prayer times will differ from mosque to mosque.

As you can see, the Muslimprayer times are very distinct and you need to follow them to the letter. Thankfully, you can find a wide array of websites and dedicated applications ready to help you identify prayer times. All you have to do is to visit those and you will know the prayer times for each timezone!

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