Marriage in Islam

The legally or formally recognized union of a male and a female as partners in a relationship.Marriage is a sexual reletionship between a man and women. One can access sexual benitits from other. In short, a valid sexual partnership. In detailes, marriage is not only a sexual reletionship but also hole life partner. The nam and the women gain some right after marriage. but what is marriage in Islam?

what is Marriage in Islam?

Marriage in islam is very easy and simple. There is only need the relationship agreement between nam and women in front of two witness. If they are not happy in this relationship or want to breackup the relation, can ceptet one from other by Talaq (devorce).

Requirement  of marriage.

There are three conditions.

  • One is ijab that means a proposal
  • Another is qabul that means acceptance.
  • The other is two witness.

Mahr is also mandatory but it is not requirement. Because it is automatically applied on hasbend, if not mention at marriage time. Maht is a marriage gift. The giving of mahr to the bride by the groom is an essential part of the contract.

Process of  marriage step by step

  • After initial contact, Select a date for marriage. A Muslim marriage usually takes place in the home or the mosque. the couple give their consent before a minimum of two witnesses
  • Reciting Marriage khutba (sermon).
  • A proposal for marriage from man or women, including amount of mahr, (wali) and acceptance the proposal with two or more witness.
  • Arranging a marriage ceremony (walima).

How many marriage in Islam?

According to Islamic law, Muslims can practice polygyny.  According to the Qur’an, a person might have up to four legal wives at anybody time.  The husband needs to treat all wives equally. If a man fears that he will not be able to keep equal balance among them he is not allowed more than one wife.




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