Spend 1$ and Get 2 million dollars This reward only for Muslims

Wow! It is great news for Muslims who believe Only one Allah and Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) is messenger of allah. Every Muslim want to achieve sawab (reward from allah) more and more. the previous prophets and their Ummah ware more age, so they had the opportunity to do many good deeds. The age of Our Prophet and his ummah is less than them but Our prophet and we far better than all other Ummahs. For this Ummah Allah has given some special time, through which Ummah can achieve much more reward in a short period of time.
Today, I will tell you a method by which you can donate $2 million in the way of Allah by spending only 1$ dollar. To know that method read the full article carefully.

In order to get more virtue in a short time, Allah has given some special times. One of them is Lailatul Qadar (shabe Qadar) This night is a better night than a thousand months. Worshipping On this night is better than the worship of 1000 months. Allah said in The holy Quraan: “I have sent down the Qur’an in the night of Qadar and the night of Qadar is better than a thousand months.” (sura qadar)

Now calculate this. 1000 months = 30,000 days / night. If someone performs one good deed on this night, he will get the reward of performing 30,0000 nights, as if someone donates $1 dollar, he will get 1 * 30,000 = 30,000 (Thirty Thousand). And every work is increased 70 times in the month of Ramadan so that he will get the reward of donating 30,000 * 70 = 21,000,000 (2 million dollars).

How to find out Lailatul Qadar

But there is a problem that Lailatul Qadar has not been specified. Nobody knows what date or what night is Lailatul Qdar. But almost everyone is sure that Lailatul Qadar will be within last 10 days of Ramada. Therefore, if you want to achieve this reward, you will have to donate at every night 1$ dollar as per your wish for the last 10 nights in Ramadan, then definitely one night will become auspicious and you will be able to earn your desired reward.

If you are not able to donate last 10 every night, donate 1$ or as much as you like at least every odd nights like 21, 23, 25, 27, 29 date’s night. It will also increase the chances of getting your reward. if you donate 1$ per night of Ramadan then 100% sure you will get Lailatul Qadar, because Allah has said in one place of the Qur’an, “I have revealed the Qur’an in Ramadan” In another verse, Allah said, ” I have revealed the Qur’an in Lailatul Qadar. “It is clearly understood that Lailatul Qadar Must be have in Ramadan Mobarak. So keep on donating more charity.

Here are examples with 1$. This is not limited to donations. You can calculate in such a manner as to any worship. You can get all the meanings of Prayer, Quran, Taleat, Zikir etc. more than the last 10 days of Ramadan, then you can get the merits of Shabbat Qadr.

Earn More Amount without spending nothing

If you do not have the money to donate, you can encourage your friends or relatives to donate. If they donate it, you will be the partner of his reward. You can share this post with your 10 friends, if they donate on the way of Allah, then you also get the benefit of it. Share the post with one person every night in Ramadan, one night you will get Lailatul Qadar and you will get twenty-one million virtue for a good job. Donate at least 1$ and encourage others to donate any amount.

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