Kabira Gunah (Big sins)

Kabira Gunah (big Sin) is an important concept in Islam. Muslims see sin as anything that goes against the commands of Allah. Islam teaches that sin is a bad act and not a state of being. They believed that Allah weighs an individual’s good deeds and against his or her sins on the Day of Judgement and punishes those individuals whose evil deeds outweigh their good deeds. Gunah lead to Jahannam
The Quran describes these sins (Gunah) throughout the text and demonstrates that some sins are more punishable than others. A clear distinction is made between major (kabira gunah) and minor (sagira gunah) sins (53:31–32), indicating that if an individual stays away from the Big sins, then he/she will be forgiven of the minor sins. Also Islam teaches that God is merciful and individuals can be forgiven of their sins if they repent.

List of Some Kabira Gunah ( Big sin)

1. Polytheistic belief

2. To lose hope of receiving any mercy from Allah

3. To disrespect one’s parents

4. To completely disregard God’s punishment

5. To commit murder, adultery and fornication

6. To accuse a chaste woman of unchastity (fornication or adultery)

7. To take the property of orphans by force

8. To take illegal interest in trade

9. To run away from the armed forces

10. To use magic

11. To have sexual relations beyond the limit of marriage

12. To ignore the payment of religious dues (Zakat, Khums)

13. To swear falsely by the names of Allah (God) or to use his names in vain

14. To testify falsely against others

15. To break one’s promise

16. To give up daily prayers or any other religious obligations

17. To drink intoxicating liquors

18. To disregard one’s family (rejecting them , avoiding them, not showing enough love and affection towards them or not doing them the favours that one is supposed to do)

19. To Steal

20. To become a resident of a place where one may lose his religion

21. To ascribe false statement to Allah or to any of his apostles

22. To deny or hide Allah’s revelations or miracles

23. To Lie

24. To eat the flesh of dead animals, blood, pork or an animal that is slaughtered without being consecrated with the name of Allah, or is not slaughtered according to the prescribed rules.

25. To give less than due measure in business transactions

26. To make ones living from filthy and un-Islamic ways such as money obtained from the selling of wines or any other intoxicating liquors, the money from illegal interest in trade, accepting or giving money in bribery, receiving salary for witchcraft or magic, receiving money from an unjust government, the wages for singing, the sale of prohibited things as a means to earn one’s living such as the instruments of games as chess, backgammon or other instruments used for gambling, making statues of animals or human beings.

27. To Gamble

28. Not to pay one’s debts when one has the means and the payment is due

29. To act proudly and boastfully.

30. To be a spend thrift (Extravagant, spend lavishly)

31. To fight a divine leader

32. To ignore a pilgrimage or abandoning it when it is due.

33. To display haughtiness and pride.

34. To get involved in an un-Islamic business such as singing for fun, playing guitar, dancing just for enjoyment and other useless acts.

35. To accuse someone of fault or a defect

36. To back bite ( to talk bad behind other’s back about things which they dislike)

37. To persist in minor sins

38. To abuse or hurt a believer

39. To defraud the believers

40. To become a pimp

41. To be a slanderer, causing discord, schism among people

42. To be a hypocrite

43. To belittle one’s sins

44. To use statues to represent Allah

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