Farj of Salah

Every matured Muslims pray 5 times Salat in a day. These 5 time Salah is mandatory. They perform more many type of salah like wajib, sunnah and nafl. Muslim’s prayer has certain rules to complete salah. Some of the rules are farj of salah (do these works is mandatory) the others are wajibat of salah, sunnah and nafal. Salah will not complete, If drops any of the 13 farj of salah. See below the farj of salah.

Farj of salah
Farj of salah

Farj of Salah ( which are mandatory) are 13.

Farz before Salat 6 from 13

  1.  Cleanling body. Clean your body from najasat and do odu before starting any salah.
  2. Purify your clothing.
  3. Perform the salah in holy place like mosque or on a clean place.
  4. Covering of Satr. satr means the parts of the body which are obligatory to be hidden from everyone except his/her spouse. for male the parts of the body between the navel and the knees inclusive. For female full body except face, eyes, and hands.
  5. Facing to the Qibla. Qibla is direction of the Kaaba in Mecca.
  6. Ascertaining the right time of Salat .
  7. Having the intention to perform the Salat in the mind.

Farz during Salat 6 from 13

  1. Saying Takbir Tahrima. At the beginning of prayer, put two hands on nave saying with Allahu Akbar.
  2. To stand upright in Fard or wajibat prayer. Standing in Sunnah or nafl is not mandatory.
  3. Qir’at, reciting from any part of holy Quran (at least one verse of the Holy Qur’an).
  4. To do Ruku before sijdah.
  5. Then To do Sijdah.
  6. Qa’dah Akhirah (To sit down at the end of Salah)



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