Fajr prayer

Fajr is an Arabic word. It’s mean dawn.  Meaning of the fajr prayer is “dawn prayer”.  Muslim perform the prayer in the early morning.

Fajr prayer time

Fajr is the first prayer in a day, and it usually takes place before down. The prayer time stars from subhe sadik (almost  1 hour time before sunrise) to before sunrise. you can understand Fajr as being a real dawn or morning twilight prayer. This one is created to help you embrace your day, and it  is the central prayer of the morning.

Fajr prayer
Fajr prayer

Fajr prayer Rakat

Two rakat obligatory in fajr prayer. At first 2 rakat Sunnsh muakkadah then 2 rakat farj (obligatory). Total 4 four rakats. 2 rakat in fajr prayer is very important sunnah.  Narrated Aisha (radiallahu anha) : “Muhammad ( peace be upon Him) never missed four Rakat before the Zuhr prayer and two Rakat before the Fajr prayer”.


  • 2 Rakat Sunnah muakkadah
  • 2 Rakat Farj (mandatory)

Some hadith about fajr prayer and its sunnah

The following quotations relating to Fajr, the Moslem dawn prayer, are from books of Sunni hadith. These books relate accounts taken from the lifetime of the Moslem prophet Muhammad, his family, and his companions. They were compiled by Moslem students once Muhammad’s death. These quotations embody data regarding people who connected the accounts, additionally because the accounts themselves.

  • Narrated ‘Umar: “The Prophet forbade praying when the Subuh prayer until the sun rises and when the ‘Asr prayer until the sun sets.”
  • Ahmad and Muslim record that Aishah aforementioned, “I have not seen him (Muhammad) a lot of hurriedly to try and do a decent deed than he was to perform the 2 rakahs (Fajr prayer) before the morning (Subuh prayer).”
  • Abu Huraira reports that Muhammad said: “Do not leave the 2 rak’ahs of Fajr, albeit you were being attacked by cavalry.” this can be confirmed by Ahmad, Abu Dawud, Al-Bahaiqi and at Tahawi.
  • Aishah reports that Muhammad aforementioned, “The 2 (sunnah) rakahs of Fajr square measure higher than this world and every one it contains.” this can be according by Ahmad, Muslim.

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