Almighty Allah Can Do Anything

We see and realize that fire has a power to burn, food has a energy to alleviate appetite, nature of the knife is cutting, nature of the water is swallowing when a thing fall into water, nature of time is running and any thing have a particular nature or power or activity. Indeed, fire can’t burn, food can’t keep alive men or animals, medicine can’t cure and time can’t running. in a word, any substances has no power or activity without almighty Allah’s permission. All above and the others (all things in the world and out of the world) have no power or activity exclusively. All of this depended on Allah’s order. Surly Allah is powerful on all things. I presented some story as example to prove my faith in the following.

Almighty Allah Can Do Anything
Almighty Allah Can Do Anything

(1) Fire didn’t burn allah but allah

Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) (peace be upon  Him) was a messenger of God. He was thrown into a gigantic and blatant fireplace because of breaking their Idols ( He destroyed and mauled all Idols but leaved the biggest to prove that Idols can’t no thing). But fire didn’t burn Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) (peace be upon  Him). ( story of the Qur’an)

(2) Life was run without eating

Ashabul kahf (people of the cave) were alive three hundred and nine (309) years in a cave without all kind of eating and drinking.  ( story of the Qur’an).

(3) Knife didn’t cut

Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) (peace be upon  Him) was ordered by Allah to sacrifice His lovely son Prophet Ismail (peace be upon  Him) in true dream. For this reason Hi run sharp knife on neck of Ismail (peace be upon  Him). But sharp knife didn’t cut  neck of Ismail (peace be upon  Him). ( story of the Qur’an).

(4)  water didn’t swallow

Prophet Musa (moses) (peace be upon  Him) and His companions run into the sea when they rushed by firaun, but water didn’t swallow them at the same time Fir’aun and his companions go down under water. ( story of the Qur’an).

(5) Time didn’t run

Allah took Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon  Him) for a journey in the night. In that night time was stopped with movement of all things.  ( story of the Qur’an).

So it is proved that all power only for Allah. He can do any thing but others are depended on Him.



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